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Dear Keepers of the Flame:

Welcome to the Fire Poker Store where product we offer are the outcome of generational campfire gatherings held deep in the lakeside woods of Northern Michigan. What was originally fashioned from scrapes of wood, steel and leather has evolved into our own version of the heritage quality fireside art you see here today.

All the Fire Pokers and Fire Stokers we offer are hand made by us at our shop here in Michigan. The metals we use are sourced primarily from American made stock, recycled stock and American suppliers. The Fire Poker Store tries to avoid foreign made steel and foreign made steel products but some of our parts are made abroad. A few limited items we use are sourced from our local Michigan fabricators and we have been told that some of our boxes are produced from trees grown locally in Michigan (and the surrounding states) or come from recycled American paper stock.

Looking for a Poker or a Stoker?

What is the difference between a Poker and the Stoker you ask? Well a Poker in our neck of the woods are a petite barbed or completely barbless fireside implement fashioned after the sticks we used while camping as a kid. Our Pokers are often lighter in weight then the Stokers we offer and perfect for anyone seeking a subtle lightweight fireside implement. Our Stokers on the other hand have a full barb affixed to a shaft with a typically larger handle. Stokers are more often a little bit heavier in weight and can be larger in appearance and considered by us the workhorse among the Keepers of the Flame. All our Pokers and Stokers come in many custom configurations with some having leather, nylon or cork wrapped handles customizing the look, feel and color of the distinguished heritage quality fireside art.

Sizes Explained:

Both the Fire Pokers and Fire Stokers are sized according to use by the following categories: Fireplace, Campfire and Bonfire. Fireplace sizes are the models in the 24-38 inches category of total length and work well in a standard home fireplace or small outdoor pit or raised outdoor pit configuration. Campfire sizes are our most popular offering and range in length from 40-56 inches in length and are typically used in a standard to large fireplace, standard raised outdoor steel pit or standard Campfire setting. Bonfire sizes are all models in the 58-80 inches of total length and work well in a true Bonfire setting where the fire is hot and the rings are larger than 40 inches in total diameter.

We invite you to browse through our store and shop with confidence. We hope you will create an account with us if you like, or shop as a guest. Either way, your shopping cart will be active until you leave the store. We take great pride in our products and hope you will value our heritage quality functional fireside art. Remember, campfire heritage starts with an heirloom and our heirloom of choice is quality functional fireside art from the Fire Poker Store.

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